Design Thinking

Business Innovation

This book presents steps, techniques and tools, illustrated by genuinely cases, to inspire and assist in the endeavor towards innovation.


  • Immersion:
    This is the first phase of the design thinking process in which the project team approaches the problem context from different points of view.
  • Analysis and synthesis:
    Stage of analysis and organization of information collected, making it possible to detect patterns and develop challenges to help understand the problem.
  • Ideation:
    This is the moment to generate innovative ideas for the project. To do so, tools such as brainstorming and co-creation workshops are used.
  • Prototyping:
    It is time to get the ideas off the drawing board. The prototype will help to test and validate the ideas generated.

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“The fierceness of competition in business – which is now global – requires high speed innovation. The book surprised me by exposing a collective process aiming at innovation, combining the systematization of the process with its practical exercise.”

Aldo da Silva Trindade

Channel Architecture - Itaú Unibanco. Technology Superintendence, Mobility, Multichannel and Innovation


Mauricio Vianna

Computer Engineer at PUC-RJ (1990), MSc. in Computer Science at IIT – Illinois Institute of Technology (1992), and Ph.D. in Computer Science at IIT (1995). Global CEO of MJV Technology and Innovation.

Ysmar Vianna

Electrical Engineer degree (ITA, Aeronautical Institute of Technology, 1966), Master in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (UCB, University of California at Berkeley, 1969), Ph.D. in Computer Science (UCB, University of California at Berkeley, 1972). President of MJV Technology and Innovation.


Designer Strategist, graduated from ESDI /UERJ, masters in TU Delft, Netherlands, and Executive MBA in COPPEAD

Brenda Lucena

Master in design by PUC-Rio, bachelor's degree in design with a focus on Visual Communication and Product Design by ESDI/UERJ and a course in digital media at German design school HfG Schwaebisch Gmuend.

Beatriz Russo

Master in User-Centered Design at PUC-RIO and PHD in Emotional Experience at the Deft University of Technology




Collect data about your target audience in the context they live in and with the least interference possible. Find out their yearnings and expectations to support relevant decision-making and prepare the user for collaborative sessions. Learn more by watching the explanatory video.



Personas are fictitious characters created to generate and validate ideas. They are developed from the synthesis of meaningful behaviors observed during field research.



A meeting organized to stimulate creativity and collaboration, this aims to promote team integration and generate innovative solutions for projects.



How can you know if the solution developed theoretically will work when put into practice? Learn how to foresee problems, make concepts tangible and refine ideas by watching the video.